March devblog

This month allowed us to make Tess' rewrite available and to update the website.

Actix Rework

Improved Performance

As already announced before, this website update has brought up performance improvement. You should have a smoother and faster navigation, especially when switching pages.

In order to illustrate these changes, here's a small benchmark comparing the two versions of the website

Old New
Transfer per second 276 MB 378 MB (+ 36%)
Latency 26ms 23ms (+ 12%)
Data transferred 8.12 GB 11.1 GB (+ 35%)

This benchmark was made using wrk with 256 connections running on 8 threads. All of these data, including the global performance improvement, may vary depending on our server load.

Design Update

We also have improved the design system of the website. As you as probably seen, the website look less bloated and there's more space between elements.

For the moment, we don't have any date concerning the next steps, which is the roadmap page and the possibility to create an account, but we are actively working on.

Public Rewrite Codebase

This week, we also have making available to everyone the codebase of the rust rewrite of Tess. It's now available on the dev branch on GitHub.

If you want to contribute, you can follow the guideline here.

For a short recap, follow these simple steps

  • Find a bug to fix, a new feature to add, or something else cool.
  • Fork and update the source.
  • Make a Pull Request and hope to get your changes merged if it's somewhat interesting for Tess.

You could even raise issues in order to make Tess even more reliable.


With this website update, we've also added a new domain to Tess' website. You will now be able to access the website at tessapp.net.

This new TLD doesn't mean that the actual domain will be closed. We want to keep these two available as long as we can. We also expect the site to be more referenced in your favorite search engine.

You are what made Tess alive, thanks for all!

Roadmap & Current Features Implemented

With the codebase being available to everyone, we have also updated the project README. It'll now provide a roadmap section which track the progress of the rewrite.

Here's the current progress of major features that will be present in Tess by the v1.0 release.

Features Electron Tauri
Tabs ✔️ ✔️
Move tabs between windows
Administrator tabs
Tabs split
Command line interface ✔️
Plugins 🟠
Themes 🟠
Config page ✔️
Config watching 🟠
Image display
Font ligature 🟠
Animated background
URI scheme API
Search in a shell

We'll also post in each devblog this table in order to recap all progress already done.