January devblog

The development of the next update of Tess has started more than one month ago. Here's notable changes planned and all work already done!

Major Changes

Electron to Tauri

As expected, we have switched from Node.js to Rust, requiring a complete rewrite of our codebase. Currently, only some necessary features have been re-implemented, but all of these available in the current version will be also included in the new version when it comes over!

The development cycle is very long, so don't expect this version to be available in a few months.

Concerning the performances, a fully detailed benchmark will be available soon!

New Config & Theme File

The config file has been changed. We have renamed some keys in order to make it more readable.

It now looks like this

    "theme": "default",
    "buffersize": 3000,
    "fontsize": 9,
    "profiles": [
        // ...

    // ...

Its location has changed as well, it will now be at

  • ~/.config/tess/config.json on Linux
  • $APP/config.json on Windows

More all theme files have been completely rewritten, we have removed unnecessary indentation level in order to make it more readable. Here's the new look

    "terminal": {
        "foreground": "#DEEAF8",
        "background": "#141a29",
        "black": "#22303f",
        "red": "#ef3134",

        // ...
    "app" : {
        // ...

Fresh New Config Page

Again, with all the changes bring up to Tess, we also planned to remake the config page in order to make it more usable.

Another big change will also come out with this, but we'll say more soon!

New Stuff

macOS Support

For those who wait, it's coming soon! macOS's support will be available as soon as the 0.7 of Tess will be out. Some beta version will also be available before the official release in order to fix any problems. More info will be announced soon!

Macro Feature

We will finally integrate the macro feature in Tess. To sum up, it will be possible to send text input in the current opened terminal using a shortcut.

Website Update

Performance improvement & design update

The website stack will also be partially changed. We've switched from Rocket to Actix in order to make the website faster and the navigation smoother.

We'll also bring up design update and some bug fixes.


A new page will also be created. A fully detailed roadmap will be available soon!

More information will be communicated later, but this page should include all information about upcoming update.