Future of Tess

Announcing 0.6.3, the future of Tess and the Website.


Almost two weeks after the release of the latest version, we have planned to release the next one in order to fix some bugs.
Concerning the Debian package, we are aware of the architecture problem, and it will be fixed in the next release. Waiting it to be released, you can force the installation by downloading the archive here and installing it using this dpkg --force-all -i ./tess_0.6.2-1_x86-64.deb.
We are also aware of many bugs occurring on Windows, and we will investigate and try to fix most of them before the release of 0.6.3.


As the same time as the release of 0.6.3, the website will also receive an update with many bug fixes and also UI and QOL enhancement.
Moreover, performance improvement will be made!
If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them by opening an issue on the GitHub.


As you probably know, Tess uses Electron to work, but this dependency as tons of limitations in addition to being heavy. Therefore, Tess will be entirely rewritten in rust with Tauri. These changes will take a long time and are planned for the 0.7.0, but drastic performance improvement is expected as long as better UI, reduced app size, fewer bugs and many new features. This rework will start after the release of 0.6.3 and recurring devblogs will be made to show you the advancement of the rewrite.

Hope all these changes are enjoying you, see you soon!