Announcing 0.6.3

We are happy to announce an upcoming update as like as a website update.

What's new?

This update was prepared to fix some issues before the rust rewrite. Even if there is no new feature, we recommend you to download it, especially if you are on Linux because this update contains better performance for you!

  • General
    • We have finally fixed the deb package
    • Preloading icons for custom title bar on Linux
    • Bug fixes 🐞
  • Theme
    • Adding minty theme 🌿. A fresh theme based on Linux Mint


As we can see, the website has received a major update including improved performances, but also new commands to the preview and better overall experience.

  • Keyboard navigation will now work on every page
  • We have fixed the blog's search bar. On some device, it never opened when focused
  • We have added a show more button to release in download page on a mobile device. The navigation will be less flooded by text
  • We have added meta tags in order to add preview on social media when you post a link of the website
  • In overall, we have improved the contrast between elements and the background and improving the website performances
  • We should be better referenced than before on your search engine

Hope you like all of these changes!

See you next week for a more detailed roadmap of the rust rewrite and the upcoming features!